U-Med Center Business Opportunities

Are you ready to invest in the Medical Marijuana Industry in Michigan? The Marijuana Industry is already worth billions and grows at an impressive rate each year as more states legalize Medical and Recreational Marijuana.


The U-Med is looking to grow our team and office footprint by providing opportunities for investors to quickly enter this industry. If you are caring, compassionate, believe that Medical Marijuana helps heal patients, and would like to open an office who offers MMJ Endorsements - consider U-Med as a partner. 

Why U-Med?

U-Med is an 7 year old Medical Practice that offers something that people are looking for - MMJ Endorsements. If you are looking to start our own practice, our experience can provide you with the insight to skip the learning curve. We will provide market advice, teach you our processes, connect you with our growing community of advocates. 

Patient Base

With over 3000 patients, you will have immediate access to provide annual renewals to patients who have relocated to other parts of the state. Additionally, you can become part of a growing group of MMJ Endorsement centers. 

Training and Mentoring

As a family business, you become part of our family. We are there every step of the way. We will train you on all office procedures, provide appointment scheduling mechanisms, and how to recruit doctors and patients. We will act as your mentor - because your success is our success.