11 Years Ago...


When my father opened the U-Med Center in 2010 I was in disbelief. It honestly didn't seem real. I was living at a domestic violence shelter battling the demons of PTSD. As I navigated my way through the complexities of this disorder, I was unable to medicate due to being in an illegal state. I had tried therapy, medications, meditation, prayer, mindfulness and ministry...while these things helped I was still fighting a daily war. A war I knew I had to continue to fight, and win! My children needed a strong and able mother, a whole and complete mother.

Fast forward two years and I was still in Arkansas. Medicating the only legal way I knew how, just trying to sleep and not suffer from nightmares. I was deeply missing my family. While I knew that my journey in Arkansas was much needed, and a vital part of my recovery, it was time to go home.

Technically I was already a part of the U-Med family, but made it phys cert official with the legendary Dr. Christopher Prince in room two at our old Sister Lakes office in early 2012. I'll never forget that appointment. I was so nervous I made my best friend go with me. It was my Aunt Leannette who checked me in and got my paperwork together but I was still nervous. Every step I completed I was expecting to be denied at the next, I just couldn't believe I was going to be able to legally medicate! Things were much different back then and it took weeks to receive my card in the mail. When it finally arrived I had not forgotten my first lesson from Dr. P....indica means indacouch...and applied that with care!

A few months later a cousin of mine who worked at U-Med left, and I happily filled the position. For many years I worked next to my Aunt. We were partnered in our commitment to help the community medicate themselves legally and free of worry of addiction, side effects or other repercussions. We rolled with the punches and evolved with all the changes that were constantly occurring in the medical marijuana industry.

As things occur and change is bound, the year of 2020 came with much! Leannette decided to make a huge change in her life and is now the proud owner of the Green Dragon Coffee House. When she called me to say she was leaving I didn't actually believe her, at all. I don't remember if I cried or if she did but knowing us I'll just go with yes! At around that same time I was faced with a difficult decision. Our office felt like it was crumbling around me. That's a bit dramatic, but repairs were more than adding up to say the least. We had been in this location for our entirety, while moving was our only option I felt those same jitters I remembered feeling in room two in 2012...how was this going to workout??? Almost immediately we found the location that felt right for us! We were welcomed with open arms by the community of Hartford and made the move! Moving was partnered with quarantine, and everyday was like a walk in the unknown. The changes just kept coming! I'll give you a brief summary....Baby, Marriage, Ownership, Expansion.

And here we are today! April 1st we had our 11th anniversary, and April 11th will be another epic date for the U-Med Centers. We can officially occupy our NEW OFFICE LOCATION in Kalamazoo! I don't know the exact date we will start seeing patients there but will definitely keep you updated!

Typing this today is a bit surreal. I can still close my eyes and put myself back in the lobby of a shelter in Little Rock talking to my Dad on a corded phone (true story) and hearing the big news of his latest business venture. I hope you all know just how much I appreciate you. Thanks for being a part of our family!!!

Love always,


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