Passion for Marijuana as a Medicine - A U-Med Insider's View

I have a passion for what I do a passion like none other. A lot of people are against my line of work. I have accepted that and I hope that someday they will open their eyes to the TRUTH about the benefits of medical use of marijuana.

I work at the U-Med Center. We offer endorsements for Medical Marijuana in Southwest Michigan. I am blessed to see miracle of this amazing plant everyday. It is an AMAZING plant and I hope to share the knowledge and spread the TRUTH.

To understand why I feel this way, you would have to see the world through my eyes at the clinic. I have seen people come in with stage 4 cancer and their doctors have told them there is nothing more we can do for you. They come into our office scared - we are their last hope and now they have been coming back for 6 years now.

I have seen patients who came in in a wheelchair because of a disease they have and are now using a walker. I have seen people who have had numerous seizures a day and now have not had one in over three years. People with chronic pain who are now off narcotics, I am one of them. Please open your eyes to the TRUTH. I believe with every inch of my well being that this is the plant of life.

It is because of these things that I love what I do. We help people heal through the powerful qualities of the marijuana plant.

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