What inspired the UMed?

To be perfectly honest with you, I wasn't even aware Medical Marijuana was on the 2008 ballot. I was busy working at a roofing company. Trying like hell to carve my piece of the pie, the dying Michigan economy was making it difficult.

By 2010, the implementation of the new marijuana laws were just beginning. I was looking for an opportunity to step away from a business that was dependent on a suffering economy.

A doctor came to see me and brought up the idea of serving the Southwest Michigan Community with Marijuana Endorsements. That idea gave birth to the U-Med Center. This area is probably one of the most conservative parts of Michigan. There was some pushback and resistance. But our teams hammered through it.

Our vision was to create a business model to make qualified recommendations to the state of Michigan for medical marijuana cards. These recommendations would allow for patients to legally, possess, grow, and use marijuana as a medicine.

On the first day, we were staffed at our office in Sister Lakes. We had doctors, nurses, and nurse assistants in the office. To our surprise, the phones were ringing! People in the community were ready for a business like ours to serve the community. It was so exciting. They shared their love for us by bringing gifts and food. They had tons of questions about qualifying conditions. These questions turned into appointments. We asked for medical records and adhered to how the law was defined.

Since then, the UMed Center still serves marijuana patients in Southwest Michigan. Our staff loves what they do. We have been around this long due to the community support and plan on being around for many more years to come! It's a miracle what this medicine can do for patients. We are your advocates and community partners who believes everyone deserves compassionate access to quality medicine!

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